October 2, 2012

Octobre! Octobre!

Oh October, what a month you shall be!
We've moved in to our new house (complete miracle, for reals!) and are settling in as gradually (so I don't kill myself) and excitedly (after waiting almost 6 months) as a couple who is expecting their first babe in a matter of weeks can.

So much excitement. But for today, I'm just gonna share some fall goodness. Because it's October and in all the craziness that can become our lives it is so important to stop and enjoy the little things. Especially with one's spouse.

Here are some pictures from a little fall outing the Mr. and I took this weekend after our birth class.

Pumpkin Patch. Pumpkin latte. Pumpkin belly. Thumbs up, no shame.

I try to steer clear of starbs, except this one time of year. They have the best p-spice lattes. And this is exactly how it should be done. 8oz. Double shot. No whip. Extra foam. If you're gonna pay $4 for a little drink it better be just right, right?
Aaaand...the best husband ever. Serious.

Beautiful fall fruits!

Tryin' one out. Such a babe.
Our sweet little pickins. Unfortunately the pears were all bruised and nasty on the inside. Major letdown.

The main attraction. Pumpkin donuts hot off the...oil track. I just don't think about how terrible they are for my body while I enjoy their sweet, warm, cinnamon-sugar dusted goodness.

Happy Fall to you!