June 29, 2011

Creativized or Remixed?

Let me preface with this, I am not a YouTube fan.
I just can't do the whole random videos for hours thing. If I'm not impressed in the first 30 seconds, I usually leave. Perhaps that sounds heartless, but do I really value the twentieth version of Charlie Bit My Finger or another Julian Smith freak attack over having a one-on-one conversation? [Could I sound anymore female stereotypical?]
So as Max was going to show me this video yesterday I started to get up off the couch. But it was on Vimeo, and I decided I'd give it a chance. Then I saw it was ten minutes and again started to leave. But I'm a sucker for thoughts and reflections on creativity, so of course I gave in.

I think it's pretty awesome. There are two parts before this one, but they are independant of each other and I like this one the best.

I am also a sucker for remixes; making good things better [especially when it comes to food!].
 I feel that it isn't necessarily about whether an idea is completely original or not, but if it posesses a fresh quality.
For example, me reposting this video. I didn't think of it, create it,or do any of the work, but I would like to make these additions. Whether they have value or not is for you to judge.

So what I was going to say was...
 Solomon had it right on the nose!

All things are full of labor; Man cannot express it. The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear filled with hearing. That which has been is what will be, that which is done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there anything of which it may be said, “ See, this is new”? It has already been in ancient times before us.
Ecc. 1:8-10

I am no inventor so perhaps it's different,  but for me creating isn't about making something new or flashy, or even attractive [though I hope it is], it's all about getting a little bit of me outside of me.

June 27, 2011

Home 'Gain

What. A. Week.
We were gone for only 5 days but it felt like 10.
It was an amazing week of encountering God and stepping into new things.
Max took us deep into the presence of God every service and I realized how blessed I am to be married to such a man.
I was in charge of some creative arts activities for the week and it went surprisingly well. I am definitely one to put high expectations on things, but my only goal was to see the youth experience the living God. And they did. I've decided that's a pretty great goal. It takes the pressure off of me doing in the most amazing way.

It has been great to be home though.
I realized how much I love our house.
And backyard.
And our temperpedic mattress.

So with over a dozen mosquito bites, hoarse voice, and tired body I am gathering together the things I heard and felt, making them my inspiration to walk with greater purpose.

And, oy! New furniture is here! I will snap some photos and share.
Also, there have been many good times as my sister and I have been reunited, and lots of friends schedules are freeing up for the summer.
Come on somebody!!

June 15, 2011

Oh Sweet Return

Okay, excitement would be an understatement.
Ecstatic may be a strong enough word....
 Because after five [long] months

I am just about counting down the hours.
I really can't contain myself.
Yesterday I was thinking about what I should wear to the airport when we pick her up.
[ridiculous, right?]
And I about cry when I see pictures of her.
This is borderline obsession.
Who cares though?

Fingers are crossed and prayers are being made that she returns on time and without too many horrible travel tales. And hopefully the culture shock won't turn her into a zombie as it has done to me a couple times.

Anways, she comes in late Friday night and I haven't been this anxious since the wedding.
This summer is turning into something quite grand.

 She's pretty much as cool a sister can get.

June 14, 2011


 (d-vnchr-s) adj.
Inclined to undertake new and daring enterprises.

I would call myself an adventurer.
I get ecstatic about doing new things. Traveling is a bug I will never get over. I like staying up late to chat with friends. When I'm in a new and unfamilar situation I tend to see it as an opportunity to become a stronger person. Obstacles are a chance to use a creative thinking to get myself around it.

Here are some of the consequences of that:
I get grumpy and short with my husband when it's past my bedtime.
I overspend on interesting food items.
I never want to cook the same exact thing twice.
Or see a movie twice in one year.
Or read the same book twice.
Or go to the same restaurants.
Or vacation in the same place.

So I'm always planning something new, and figuring out how I can do it without spending all my time, energy, and money. I've got house ideas, travel ideas, cooking ideas, clothes ideas.

That's just a little about me. If you cared to know it.
And here are a few pictures. If you care to see them.

We had dinner in Friday at a delicious restaurant, Luna!
The he ate, she ate, we ate.

After dinner we went downtown to see a show and had some time to kill before it started so we snapped a couple pics in the beautiful and historic Davenport hotel. We thought we looked like some serious mafia material in the big leather chairs.

 We had a pretty good time.

June 10, 2011

Here or There

I've been putting more thought to my thoughts on reading. What's inspiring [and a little surprising] is the amount of writings from years past that I have made on reading.

Here's some wonderful places I'd love to spend reading and some writings on reading. Enjoy!
Vineyard in Southern France
Oh terrifying aim of a writer intending
That sitting in quiet
Should my mind be stolen.
Book swallows me whole,
Digesting me into characters
Long ago, and far away. 
The world is seized and thrown 
A whirlwind of spinning.
I alone 
Am left unmoved. 
Blood no longer commanded by the heart,
But by mighty words
Woefully written on the page.
 Silence does not suffocate
'Tis the ticking of the clock, 
Groaning of the wood. 
Be silent world around me! 
All motion with fury charges. 
But fearfully met
With the deafening silence of truth.

June 6, 2011

Faire de la Bicyclette

Whew, what a weekend!
It went by in a flash. But it really was lovely. We finally got a nice weekend, and I was in heaven.
I have been dying to wear all my summer dresses and finally got the chance to start pulling them out!
The mid-70s felt glorious, leaving me in a struggle to imagine what 100 will feel like...

I have to share my new dress.
I got it at H&M in Portland. Unfortunately it was a pretty disappointing shopping experience other than this dress. I am still having a hard time with the extreme 90s wear coming back in, and they had a lot of that going on. Max and I were wondering if that's how people become out of style [refusing to wear things as an adult that they wore as a small child, thus jumping right out of the fashion loop].

Anyways I love that it's so light and flowy...and the blue and red together! I think it might be my summer dress for weddings. My sister actually got it too. But since she is moving across the country we thought it'd be okay.

We had a wonderful bike ride yesterday and I thought it'd be the perfect time to take a couple shots of the dress.
Note our adorbs matching waterbottles, my cute-o ring, and the large amount of pollen on my shoe!



We stopped through a couple parks on our way down the hill, enjoying the sights and smells of late spring. Over to the beloved Anderson home for laughter and dinner [of course]. And then 20 blocks of uphill riding. Max quite unfortunately busted his gear within 30 seconds and had to ride the whole way up in 3rd. No fun for him. Yet he still managed to beat me up while I struggled to breathe [evidence once again of my inactiveness]. I will say that I felt like quite a conquerer once we made it home though. And I have no soreness, hallelujah!

June 4, 2011

A Good Read.

I love reading. Not in the fanatical way that I can pick up anything and plunge right in, any moment of the day. 
I would describe it as...a sacred experience. But I don't make any sort of animal sacrifices to kick things off.

How about I re-phrase things a smidgen. 
I love when I find a good book and get completely carried away in it. 
Where time is never of the essence. 
It's the characters, the story, the history, the culture that matter.

I would definitely say that books on other cultures are my favorites.
Of course a Jane Austen is good any day, but the ones that completely steal my attention are of far away times and places; things I have no personal experience with.

Summer seems to provide a lot of good reading opportunities. 
I really hate [and am slightly ashamed] to admit it, but I am not an active person. 
So on family vacations while others play in the pool for hours, or go out for several tennis matches, I will be in heaven simply reading the day away in the sunshine.

 In my old room at my parent's house I had an old armchair that I would curl up in and read, read away.
I have yet to establish a "reading spot" in our house. 
It has to be somewhere I can't notice what needs to be cleaned. 
But not too comfortable, or it will be mere moments before I drift off. 
We just ordered a new couch and I'm looking at getting a good armchair or two, so perhaps that shall solve that dilemma. I'll just have keep my fingers crossed for a killer deal.

I've realized I have no summer reading list yet, and shall have to work on that.
Now that you know my preferred styles, what do you suggest?


June 2, 2011

A Coffee Experience

Okay, time to rant and rave.
I have to first give a little bit of a confessional,
As much as I wish I was a coffee purist, I don't usually prefer black coffee and I occasionally have flavor in my americanos. Despicable, right?
That said, I will now act as if I know way more about coffee than I actually do.
[but isn't everyone else doing that too?]
And Portland is thee place to do just that!
I was really excited about going to some different coffee shops, and thus made it a point to enjoy my afternoon cup of liquid gold at a new place each day.

First was Sterling.
Pretty fun little walk up coffee place, the barista was lively and wearing a bow tie [scoring big points with Max & I], flower shop right next door, and a cute little european-esque sidewalk seating area.
8oz. double americano- tasted a bit light and acidic.
Not my favorite style of roast, unique, but not my favorite.

Next, Fresh Pot
Connected to Powells, I've always loved their vibe and pleasing aroma of books and coffee.
And they serve Stumptown, without the snobbery.
 Great little 8oz. double latte.
Foam was perfect and the shots were even and rich.

Now my definite favorite was Coava
I walked in and was immediately impressed feel of the building
[they share the space with a bamboo company...points!].
The pictures on their website capture it pretty well.

Again, a lively barista who was happy to explain their process of pour-over coffee, called Kone.
Here's a little video they have about it.

The coffee tasted so smooth and pure, I think it'd be a sin to have cream or sugar.

I've had this thing for a while about roast descriptions. The words always sound nice on the packaging, but I rarely taste them. You can blame my naive, untrained tastebud if you'd like, but I just can't taste the "nutty hints" or "berry notes".
Not until this coffee.
I could taste a host of delightful flavors.

I love LOVE having people over and what a perfect little "ceremony" the kone would be! I mean how impressive is that crazy looking kettle and glass pitcher. There's a page on their site about how to do the whole process at your home and what you need. I've concluded it would be about $500 for the kit and kaboodle, which is more than I currently am capable of paying. 
I suppose I could simplify it and find cheaper parts if I hunt around online, but I really want the legit stuff.

Until then, my sister and her husband had one of these little guys.
Much cheaper and still provides a fun, new [although slightly less impressive] experience.
I shall soon own one of these.
The Clever Coffee Dripper
more info here