February 26, 2013

A Dream for Today

Could you capture the world with all of your hoping
Store all of your dreaming in colorful jars
I've ample cupboards to fill with courage and strength
Pots and pans to alert the world that life is here
Dust will pile, wood tables get scratched
But inside this home is plenty of love, joy, and peace.

My resolution to write more has been interesting. I've found that often I don't write because I feel like I need to say something. But my head is so cluttered I don't know what the message is I need to get out. So my method of late is to just start putting down words. Not thinking about a sentence structure or theme, but freely letting things come out. I'll start with a word and then put whatever word sounds nice beside it, and then a word beside that. Somehow or another I've ended up writing a lot about dreams and faith in relation to everyday objects. I guess I'm searching to put giant, seemingly un-attainable things into familiar  physical terms. In a phrase, I'm "realizing my dreams in the world of today". Too often we put off our dreams, imaging that they will happen once our ducks are all in a row- we've got the money in the bank, a clean house, a clear head, and a nice wardrobe. I want to practice the realization of how possible they are today in all of my lack and all of my abundance.