October 27, 2011

10.30.11 approaches

And this man-
and I will have been married for one whole year.

Time has flown by. Yet I have experienced so much. A lot of growth and learning. And a whole lot of fun.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.





So much fun was had by all...

October 25, 2011

Wordified: Pioneer

What an incredible weekend. Our church had our annual Awakening Cry conference, 'twas amazing. I am of the internal processing variety, so after several challenging messages, I have thus been left in a state of pondering.
One of my favorite parts about marriage is that after mulling things over, you have someone right there to share your thoughts with. And this weekend Max and I have had some great chats. I am so blessed to have a husband that shares many of my passions so we can be mutually encouraged, but he is also different enough to bring another perspective.

We have both been feeling change in the air the last month or so. It's not just the leaves turning golden, it's something greater that is producing anticipation in our hearts. We know in part what God is calling us to, but it leaves a lot of questions and uncertainties. We know that it means stepping out in new things, and not just new for us, but new for the world. I can't even count all the times people have told us we are different, and called to do different things. For some people that seems to mean a glorious light from Heaven shining down on us. For me, it means travelling off the beaten path, into the wilderness of the never-been-done. Scary. I picture us as pilgrims, venturing out into the vast unknown, facing our fears, and hoping we can overcome our obstacles. I remind myself of the celebration of thankfulness the pilgrims had, even in the midst of their trials. I really don't think Max and I will be freezing or starving to death. And the risk of getting scalped isn't quite so real to us.

So for this week's word, you can see why I picked it. I thought about writing something, but could only hear the words of this song Rick Pino sang this weekend. I hope it leaves you as encouraged and full of faith as it did for me.

noun \ˌpī-ə-ˈnir\
1. A member of a military unit usually of construction engineers
2. a : A person or group that originates or helps open up a new line of thought or activity or a new method or technical development b : one of the first to settle in a territory
3. A plant or animal capable of establishing itself in a bare, barren, or open area and initiating an ecological cycle

(Definition #2 is the one I am keying in on)

Pioneer, Pioneer
Keep pressing onwards beyond your fears
And only your Father goes before you to your own frontier
Youʼre a Pioneer

Uncharted wilderness stretches before you
And you thrive on going where no one has gone
Still it gets lonely when darkness rears
So sing by the fire until the dawn

You travel light and you travel alone
And when you arrive nobody knows
But your Father in heaven, He is glad you can go
Cause those who come after you will need the road
And what you have done, others will do
Bigger and better and faster than you
But you canʼt look back, you gotta keep on pressing through
Thereʼs a wilderness pathway and itʼs calling you
Does perfect planning always produce perfect peace? Not for me. It is fearless faith that goes into that factory, and the product of peace is becoming my portion.

with love,

October 19, 2011

Wordified: Mnemonic

These last few days have been beautiful. Yes, the temperatures are dropping. And yes, it's is still completely dark when I wake up at 6:30. But the glorious sunshine and golden leaves, when I see them I don't mind so much. The one-year anniversary is quickly approaching, only 11 more days. There are so many reminders in the world around me of that beautiful day. Not only that day, but the days Max and I started falling in love, 3 years ago this fall. There were flying kites, Donut Parade, plastic cameras, and lots of walks. Not to mention giddy feelings and the inability to eat. You can now see why I chose this word for the week.

Mnemonic \nih-MAH-nik\ adjective
Assisting or designed to assist memory
There's a glory in the heavens, that leaps onto the earth
It touches every leaf, to tranform its very hue
It dances on the water, to abate the winter's freeze
It saddles crisp air, bringing a more friendly breeze

What can escape its divine power?
Who can deny its overwhelming warmth?

 Hearts ignited
Lives united

Forever change will come upon us
Forever joy will be within us

October 15, 2011

Grace Kelly: An Icon

I was looking through pictures of actresses in the 50s, and I would have to say Grace Kelly is my favorite.  She is breathtaking.  Not to mention she married the prince of Monaco.  Although she isn't as well known as Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe, her elegance and femininity have won me over.  Perhaps that just comes with having the name Grace.  Or perhaps she's just gorgeous.

Although she retired at age 26 after getting married, she put out some of my favorite classic films; Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Dial M For Murder, and High Society.  Tragically she died at 53 when she had a stroke while driving and lost control, crashing off the cliffs of Monaco.

Here are some of my favorite shots.


So lovely.
I might have to do some more "style icon" posts.

And soon I shall post photos from my "Rock the Frock" session last week.
Stay tuned!

October 13, 2011

Coffee Love

Fact: I love sleep.
Fact: I am known to fall asleep anywhere, anytime.
Fact: I HATE laying in bed at night, unable to fall asleep.

Last night was one of those nights. I tossed and turned, frustration and anxiousness building as I watched the time tick by.  Then this morning when the alarm went off and it was pitch black in our room I was sure it was 3:30, but no it was 6:30.  And outside my blankets the air was far too crisp for my taste.  As I took my first sip of coffee this morning, inspiration hit me and I thought,

Coffee in the morning is a testimony
of God's faithfulness in my life.

Max said it was more like God's mercy. 
More like mercy on Max's life. 
I'd be a fright without it.

I first saw the below quote at a coffee roaster in Ethiopia, which makes me pretty legit, but I have yet to find a poster of it for my own personal viewing pleasure.  This statement is very true in my life.  It always does bring a hearty boost of inspiration.  A friend of mine says that coffee is "like a liquid Holy Ghost". 

Perhaps I shall just design my own poster...

October 11, 2011

Wordified: Sustain


My word this week is neither strange, nor long, nor new, but when I saw it, I knew it was the one.  I've had a strange last couple of days, unexplainable feelings heaviness and fog.  There has been a surplus of rain and gray skies, but I can't blame the weather for my heart's inability to pick itself up.  You can see why this word is important to me today.

\suh-STAYN\ verb
1: to supply with sustenance : nourish
2: to keep going
3: to buoy up
4: to suffer or undergo
5: to support or prove

Prodding my mind, the iron staff of questions unanswered
Unable to find a flickering coal from the damp floor of discouragement
Sputtered coughs of ashes inhaled, trust blown out under the door
Billows frosty, unfeeling to steal my very soul
Though heaviness decays, there's an offer for exchange
Here lay ev'ry burden aside to grasp for hope and light
It's peace that does sustain, while fear is laid to rest
Chairs drawn ever near to tell of tales to be
Faith creating futures, full of life and zeal

Is anyone else moved by honesty?  For me, hearing someones' struggles and victories, whether small or big, can be more impacting than a fancy or high-tech message.  I really wish there was more straightforwardness and transparency from believers.  Unfortunately a lot of the honesty that I have found is lacking in what deserves the most commentary- the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord. In my own life I know that needs to be a greater focus. It is my hope that what openness I do share encourages you.

October 6, 2011


I enjoy Thursdays. I always work at the bakery Friday and Saturday, but somehow I manage to enjoy my weekends.
Another reason I love Thursdays, band night. We'll usually eat together and then go jam it out. The last few weeks we've spent our time recording and brainstorming for our first ever EP! Woohoo!! It has been loads of fun and I can't wait to hear it all put together and mastered. But tonight our fellow bandmates are down in California, so I decided it was a perfect night to have some friends over for dinner. I love cooking for people. And it's a great reason to give our house a good clean! [Thank you Max for doing most of the work so that I can have chill time between work and dinner.]

Now to share some fun news. The one-year anniversary is coming up for Max and I [very exciting], and I mentioned to my sister [who did my wedding pictures, and they are amazing] that it would be really fun to do a carnival theme shoot in my wedding dress. Unfortunately we didn't have time to do it at the fair, but we were so excited about the idea we decided we would just do a different venue. I don't want to give too much away, but I am really looking forward to it.

So I set about finding fun non-traditional ideas for hair, makeup, etc.. The girl that cuts my hair is coming over to style it, and a lady my sister knows is coming to do some makeup.
Want to know what I have in mind?

Here are some of my inspirations:
Gold Eyes
 Rosy Cheeks                 Rosy Lips 

And for the hair:

Fun, right?
Oh yeah, did I mention it's tomorrow?
Let's hope all the rain we've had this week will hold up. 
There's none in the forecast, but you never know...

Well I better get cookin'
Have a lovely weekend all!

PS You can check out my sister's photography here. And you ought to.
I will be posting some of our wedding pictures she did as the 10.30.11 approaches!

October 4, 2011

Wordified: Ubiquitous

I've been wearing sweaters the last few days and remembering the challenge of dressing for a new season. Does anyone else have this problem?  I get so used to putting on a little dress and flats for a night out, and then all of the sudden I've got to find the right tights, and sweater, and jacket to match.  Such a tormented life I live.  But there is something in the air that makes it all worth it.  I look out the window, and my heart feels suddenly full and at peace.  It makes me fall in love all over again, with Max, with our house, with the whole world.

While writing this I have been listening to Mark Mathis.  He's one of those artists I forget about for a little bit, but when I come back around to his music, it's instant joy.  There are so many memories that flood.  Especially fall ones.  The overall emotion is love for the things around me, yet a hunger for more, to go deeper, and to live in a more real and authentic way.  I think that's a good effect.

Here's this week's word-

ubiq·ui·tous adj \yü-ˈbi-kwə-təs\
Existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread

When I ponder the contents
Of this heart uncontented
Of this soul ever wandering
Toward its sole fulfillment
I arrive at its ubiquitous Lord.

Where to be thrown before
The Almighty Throne
Which planned and planted
My life be ever panting
For the streams of its ubiquitous Lord.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life;
And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. ~ Psalm 23:6

October 1, 2011


Today, is an introverted day.
It's too easy for me to get carried away with running around and being busy, 
but for right now, I'm enjoying rest with my thoughts.
We overfill our days here in the West.  
It's sad really.
I wish we cherished being alone with our thoughts in the quiet.  
I think we would be a much happier, more fulfilled, and more productive society if we did.

Today, my thoughts are painting a warm, colorful welcome sign on my heart.
If only my humble hands could trace the words onto paper.
I'd fold it up and send it to you.

Today, I'm escaping to the sea [in my heart].
I'm embracing Your gentle breeze
Closing my eyes to the change,
Seeing only the brightness of Your sun.

My To-Do List
Begins And Ends
In     Loving     You