February 20, 2014

Change, Stretching, & The Like

The more of life I live, the more convinced I become that I am not meant to, nor do I truly enjoy, living a life that is comfortable. I love busyness, stretching, and taking steps when I can't see the firm concrete in front of me, yet I would never consider myself a thrill-seeker. I love schedules, routines, and having productive systems. I'm one of those crazies who after a vacation looks forward to going back to the day-to-day life. I'm also really terrible at exercising and pushing myself physically. If I can't play a sport, I don't mind, I just don't do it and entertain myself with making jokes and laughing on the sidelines. I am totally okay with my lack of athletic ability, I really don't care enough to try. (However I do very much admire those with athletic skill and drive).

When life falls into a steady rhythm and the weeks go by without a burning need to write or leave the country I ask myself where I'm slacking and where I should be pushing myself. I 100% believe in enjoying life and taking vacations, but there is also a part of me, that is becoming bigger all the time, that loves setting goals and achieving them.

My current obsession has been home improvements. We repainted our living room in January and I was so amazed at the effect it had on my mood while at the house, it kickstarted me into other projects. I won't tire you with my incredible list (because it's really boring), but I have loved getting things cleaned and rewarding myself with a new picture frame here, a plant there, and hallelujah we are getting a new furnace!

While those are all fairly insignificant and non life-impacting changes, I'm working on a few more that have yet to surface, and others that never will. Sometimes it's just a shift in mindset, perspective, or priorities. Lord knows there are so many undercover areas of my life that need to be extended out beyond my comfort zone. I'm so thankful for the grace that fills-in where I fall short, until I am stretched to that place, and then I get to stretch myself further on to the next thing. The Lord also knows that I need help (usually in the form of a tasty treat and some QT with my husband) in order to feel ready to push out from this dock and venture into new seas. The temperament of those waters may be tempestuous or calm, but the feeling of adventure never fails to be thrilling, and the end-result of conquering new territories is so satisfying.

So with my tiny little blog-nook settled somewhere in the vast world-wide-web I would like to declare that stretching and challenge are good. There is a small voice taunting that I have set myself up for something catastrophic, but there is also a loud shout that CHANGE IS GOOD!