November 5, 2015

Nobody's Hero

They say hard work pays off, but this payoff I can't work hard enough for. I'll make the circles in my prayers and cry the tears to sow those seeds deep, but my own two hands can't accomplish the miracle of growth. This overworked body is broken down. All my problem-solving skills have been adding, multiplying, and subtracting everything I can. How do we approach this from a different angle, find that hidden passage, so we conquer and move on to awaiting battlefields. These horrible prisons we've made for ourselves of ideals, holding tight even after the scarring of shattered promises.

As a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, human. I cannot solve all these. Tomorrow may be another fruitless day, no end to problems.

It's too easy to rely on a person or a program to heal this hurting world. All the good intentions and tax dollars in the world won't bring the solution.

But gracious if we can't hold tight to faith, hope, and love.