June 7, 2013

Adventure on the Horizon

Warm breeze, move across my neck
Blow down arms to hands
Hands that ache to mold
Shape purpose in earth under feet

Could I get out all my longing
Squeeze from fingertips
Feel pulsing, rushing, blood
From heart through body to heart again


Times have been tough for baby girl this past week. The cause is irrelevant, the effect is... affecting me. We've been taking walks after dinner to calm her down and all my senses have been overwhelmed with memories. Flower boxes in windows, sun setting on tall grass, gentle breezes carrying the sweet smells of the approaching summer, they bring me back to a most transforming time in my life.

It was 5 years ago this same month that I spent a week in what I now refer to as "the birthplace of my soul"- Herrnhut, Germany. If you don't know the history of this little town, here is some good information. In short, a group of people there started a prayer and missions movement that lasted over 100 years.

I can't put into words the how or why, but there is something in that place that is a part of me, a part of who I am supposed to be. It may sound over-romanticized to some, but I'd rather be full of passion for something, even if I can't explain it, than to have no passion at all. The purpose awakened at that time was unlike anything I've ever experienced. I promised myself that I would return again with my husband. [Who I had no idea was Max]

And so our little family is planning a trip to spend a week there in September. The ministry I went with in 2008 now has a base in Herrnhut and will be meeting daily for worship, prayer, teaching, and community- all things wonderful.

We don't know what is in store, but we've known since the end of last year that it's a step we need to take. The thought of traveling overseas with an almost-one-year old is stressful, and plane tickets are pricey these days, yet to not go would feel like disobedience.

Adventure, here we come!

Here is more information on the ministry in Herrnhut.

This is from my visit in 2008-