March 6, 2013

Life is Joy

"Joy is God's life.
Don't I yearn for it to be mine?"*

I love simplicity, purity, words spoken to the point. Poetry and grandeur are nice, but when we can cut through the fluff and see the true core, it's captivating.

"Joy is God's life." In that simple phrase is expressed those same sentiments. My soul would very quickly like to analyze and theolo-gize my way out of its simplicity, but it can't. In all of God's workings how can I doubt that He does not in Himself possess pure joy?

Surely all the trials and the questions and hurts are only a prick on the skin as we lean in to grasp the most breathtaking rose- relationship with Him.

The more I grow as a person in Him, the more I learn that in Him truly is fullness of joy. A few years ago I [can I humbly say?] coined a phrase, "I've been learning that life's seasons are less about changing and more about becoming who we really are. It's a very pleasant surprise".

As I daily enjoy snuggles with my darling babe I can't help thinking about the overtaking joy that has come into my life by simply doing the things I was made to do. The same can be said as I sit here writing, as I cook a delicious meal, play music with our band, and in a very big way grow in relationship with my husband. Those are all things I was made to do, and so they bring me great joy. Instead of focusing on the dinner I have to make, or a diaper blow-out I have to clean up, or late late bedtime after a late late concert, I think about what a privilege I have been given to do the things I love.

Can I just post that in front of my eyes, Hebrew style?**
Joy can become my life when I choose it to be my life.

I've realized I take a lot of pictures of me kissing my baby. She's just so darling I can't help it.

*From One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
**Deuteronomy 11:18

March 4, 2013

Want and Waste

In the world of brand-new-baby I've been finding that it's too easy to get caught up in all the trinkets of child-dom- cute outfits, useful gear, and all the other items for a rapidly growing babe. It's all so fun and wonderful, but when you combine that with a new home to be decor-ified, and a non pregnant body that can fit into normal clothes again, it can become far too consuming.

A sort of revelation came to me as I was in turmoil over a very important decision. Baby ear piercing. I've always been a fan and had been planning on doing it, but as I stood in the store looking at the $50 pair she would need, I just couldn't do it. Max and I have been working diligently on our budget so we can take some trips this year and I've been evaluating the things I tend to splurge on. Maybe $50 isn't a splurge for you, but I didn't feel great about it. Plus, Hanley really is cute enough without them [wink].

So with this, and a weekend in Seattle at fun stores and yummy restaurants I've had a lot of thought content on the matter of contentment and want. And my conclusion is this: wanting makes waste. The more I allow myself to "want", the more time and energy I am wasting. Not in all situations, but for me lately I'm finding that if I can narrow all the "wants" to the bare minimum, and then shut it all off, I'm a lot happier. I get the things I really want and appreciate even the little $5 trinket because I thought about it and made the conscious decision that it was worth it.

So there it is. My thoughts on budgeting and spending. Real revolutionary [wink again]. It sounds so simple, but it's really transforming my life. De-cluttering the heart and mind from the abundance of wanting stuff is so freeing. Thankfulness is a powerful thing.

And now for some Seattle pictures-