October 19, 2015

Good Gravy

All these tired bodies. So weary from attempted proving. I am enough. I am alright. I am making it to the other end of this winding road, this winded breath.

Why can't we embrace the pause? To survive this cosmic swirl, inhale the chaos and exhale grace.

I am not a survivor. I'm not scraping by, just making it to the next vacation from a life of problems. I'm a thriver. I take all this mess and scrape it together into beauty; into the good that is my life.

Good glory. Make my life something holy. Above the grime of tantrums and patience run out.

Not only for the lives living like me- wives and mothers. For the outside, upside, inside out. We're all in this together. Racing humans to find that prize.

The most demanding part is giving up the reigns. I don't control my life, my child, my friend. We each take what we have and go where we must, fighting upstream to our Spirit's broad pasture.

Hardest working doesn't mean best receiving. But investing heart and soul, we always reap what we sow.

If I compare and contrast these last years given to husband, child, and another child, I must exclaim- "What strength was lain under tranquil waters!"

All that I needed to learn and to love, waiting for the push, tug, pull of giving.