December 31, 2013

Holly Frost

With eyes bright and blue as the springtime sky
Like a mother bird you welcomed us
To take comfort in your nest, warm and secure. 
Always providing a hug, kiss, and special treat, 
We knew you were on our side. 
With patience you would listen 
To our triumphs and trials, 
And when necessary,
Give the scold we needed. 
Your laugh, sweet and spright, 
Was the auditory expression 
Of a heart that glowed with love. 
In you we saw what it was to value 
The least and the greatest, 
And to cheer for your favorite team. 

The love with which you loved 
Is a love we'll always carry. 
The beauty you found in God's creation, 
Shone so brightly in you,
His treasured creation. 
The faith you lived so gracefully, 
Gracefully carried you
Into the greatest peace you'll ever know. 
And we will miss you forever. 

What a classy, amazing lady that will be missed by so many. 

That's me in the raft with the yellow life jacket. 
And the last picture is just from this last Thanksgiving.