June 25, 2014


Follow me, to the place where feet tread round and round, up and down, with steps so light the path looks unmet. Emotional frailty as life meets life with forceful expansion. Though seeming slow, it tires so quickly, and heavy eyelids, heavy head are a small shadow of the heavy body soon to come.

Today we only know the exhaustion, qualm, and transitioning of thoughts from me to we. Tomorrow we will know growing pains and boxing matches. And before we know it we will know inexplicable pain followed by indescribable joy.

What a journey we get to take. To have our love re-create over and over and over again. To see in another's eyes the answers to all our questions of existence, and watch them grow into their own questions that will be met only in another's life.

It's a peaceful turmoil of inward growth. It's our greatest trial and greatest joy.