December 20, 2012

For Unto Us a Child Is Born

This grand event has brought us peace, reckoning for our restless souls.
Mundane days blew away, cheer and gladness fill our lives.
That infant frame held the power of created earth.
Redemption for all mankind.


I've known those same moments of childbirth- the fear, the pain, the agony. And also the relief, the joy, the overwhelming love. This Christmas my heart is so full of wonder that from such a tender creature came such awesome victory. Because the son of God chose to come into the earth, sin and death were silenced. And He chose to come as a baby. Excitement swells in my heart that I too have brought forth a wee babe. And that I get to witness great victory proceed from her life.

December 19, 2012

A Sacred Place

There’s art you make for yourself, there’s art for mass consumption, and then there’s the spectrum between. The work that is somehow meaningful to both artist and viewer.
The far ends have never been particularly appealing to me. Writing is communicated truth. It’s pointless to write in such a close way that the truth is only understandable to you, and pointless too to write for so broad an audience that no truth is left.

I feel I could effectually rename, or perhaps subtitle my blog, spectrum.  It has been  my effort from day one [or shall I say post one], to use this spot on the world wide web known as C.Johnt as a sort of variety show featuring a few aspects of my life. It has chronicled both the little and large events of the last few years, short poems, diys, rantings, and ravings. However, spectrum reminds me of a local radio station, with which I have no intention of affiliating myself.

I realize it has been over two months since my last post and I would like to attribute this to my struggle in creating a message that is deeply personal, yet universally relatable. There have been many pictures, thoughts, and hallmarks shared via the social networks, but I didn't want to regurgitate those here. In the last two months I have come to view this space as a sort of holy place. My world and my time are suddenly no longer my own, but here, on C.Johnt, I decide the when and how and what. And there is a sacredness and divinity in that. I'm not sure if this sudden over-awareness is caused by becoming a mother, or if I've just had too much coffee today. Nevertheless, those are my thoughts.

So, what kind of re-entering-the-blog-world post is this? No catch-up? No picture montage? No whimsical poem about poopy diapers, incessant crying, or sleepless nights?


None of that.

This is my sacred place, remember?

Of course I will still enjoy sharing the simple things of life, but as we dive into a new year I'd like to take a turn with my blog. This road will have less day-to-day cluttering branches, and a steeper path leading to more purposeful writing. I hope you'll join and enjoy this venture with me.