October 14, 2014

Five Minute Free Write

Oh good golly gee,
What a thing to be
Stuck on a phrase
For infinite days
Learning that living
Isn't always giving
But taking the breath
That will lead to the rest
From the stopping and going
All the hitting and throwing


For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.

His patience I can't get over, tenderness I can't comprehend. All my rough edges smoothed over by His endless grace. He can't stop, won't stop, chasing and loving my soul.

For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 12, 2014


I will never have enough, be enough, give enough, know enough. Enough is ever-expanding, that infinity we always talked about as kids. It daunts us with its un-definabilty and vastness, calls us to venture on eternally. Wearisome journey to take, terrifying destination to arrive at- to come to enough and settle there for the rest of our days.


For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 11, 2014

Day Eleven

Formalizing words with actions
Laying down distractions
Eyes must keep from straying
True message of love relaying

These moments so tender
Our Creator did render
To hold close as a prize
If only we'll realize

Tomorrow will come
Slower for others than some
For us, we can convey
Messages of thankfulness for today


I have a difficult relationship with around-the-world-awareness. I love being brought out of my bubble, seeing how others live, and thus challenged to live a life more full. Yet it's easy to get carried away, losing the fine line between a safe learning experience, and having fear, guilt, and depression.

As with all difficult things these days I'm choosing thankfulness, peace, and to be stirred to love deeper and more true.


For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 10, 2014

Mommy-ed Out

Sometimes the "mom" hours of my life tick by so slowly I feel like I'm not cut out for this job. I'm one child into this mommy business and my patience doesn't seem to be expanding, but evaporating more quickly. The little hands grabbing to be pulled up into my arms are sweet, but so exhausting. It's  a high intensity workout, trying to focus on deep breaths so I don't notice the pain of my own selfishness being worked and worn thin.

Grace grace. That's what they tell you when your tired body is sagging and your spirit feels crushed beneath the weight of one child growing inside and another child's will growing outside. You can do it. Sure, but when I find myself on the other side will I still have my sanity and dreams alive? Again, I'm only one child into this.

Loving is so easy when the other half is giving, but a lot of days it's hard to find their giving and only see their needing. The gifts we do receive more often look like clothes that never fit our bodies right and coffee that got cold. Marker somehow on our arms and heartburn and back pain. Those aren't the gifts you'll find on many wish lists this holiday season.

But we can't carry on in an attitude that is fraught with negativity. I'm so thankful for nap times, for a momentary quiet even if it takes some wrestling and crying to get there. Today we both cried. We cried because we don't understand what it is we truly need and how to get there. I'd like a giant piece of chocolate cake, but I think a gentle reminder that there's greater strength available would be a more lasting help. She wants crackers and markers but the crackers keep breaking and the markers keep ending up on her face.

We need a pause. We need to refrain from our worked up emotions and space to see that there is plenty of room for us to find peace.


For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

A Place of Knowing

As I've finished my first week of "31 Days" I've realized there are places where writing is natural and flows easily, places where I feel known. My first pick would be on a warm beach with a cool breeze. That doesn't happen very often, but luckily I'm inspired by most any cozy place. Lately it's the couch by my front window. We can get some amazing sunset views and there's an assortment of deciduous trees for the sun to make its last glow upon.

A change of scenery always sparks new inspiration in me. With my random bursts of nesting energy I've been working on a room in our basement where I can relax and write. Somewhere away from the toys and dishes and unswept floors. A place for me to be known, not distracted by knowing. It's nothing pretty yet, but I've been gathering various sentimental objects to create an atompmosphere of cozy.

That's another thing I've realized as I finish up Day Nine- I'm greatly inspired by sentimentality. Looking through old pictures and writings sparks a warmth of love in my heart that almost always leads to creating.

Right now this desk in the centerpiece of my sentimental cozy. It was at my grandparents ever since I remember and it was always a favorite of mine. I was recently able to "inherit" it and it still holds all the magic I remember.

For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 8, 2014

27 Weeks Along, 3 Months to Go

My stomach is queasy and my head feels like a 10lb bag of flour. It's truly amazing how the body transforms to bear another life, but today I want to curl up and sleep away all the uncomfortable growings of a miracle.

Today I started the last week of my second trimester and I'm exactly three months from my due date. For the sake of my mental well-being I think of my due date as a rough estimate, preparing to be late so if I'm early or on my due date it's a pleasant surprise. Although my mind knows the most tiring weeks are still coming, my body already wants to give up.

Some days are filled with excitement for the things in store, and others all I can see are the obstacles that need to be overcome. Basic human nature.

So can I rest in weariness today- leave preparing, working, believing for another day? Bake cookies and pretend the world outside my door is warm and gentle. This world surely doesn't rest from creating messes, but my eyes will close now and my heart will still.


For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 7, 2014

Day Seven

The light this time of year kills me. From my couch by the corner window of my house I sit and look out, amazed at how perfect those yellowing leaves look against a bright blue sky. It's all so effortless, so humbly glorious. It inspires me to live not toiling or striving, but present. Willing to let the brightness of the Son shine on me, and a crisp breeze of the Spirit blow through my bones. It's that "smiles at the future" attitude I desire. Not begging for change, not holding onto yesterday's season- a heart at peace with the blooming and the dying, the blossoming and the fading.

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 6, 2014


Shepherded to fields of dreaming
Flowers blooming colorful
To the sun extending
Scents of awakening tender
Humble passion for seeing
Tomorrow becoming greater
Ourselves wholly givinig
Breath and life sacrificing
Freshening our days
With steadfast hoping
Un-callused hands holding
Truth making kind
Gracious beauty in waiting
For hearts to be re-beating


For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 5, 2014


Garden offers a harvest of weeds
Once inspired projects pile on counters
But today there is sun to soak up
Books to be lost in
Most of all a child to watch blissfully play
Dumping water on patio, lawn, self
For today that is all I need
That is what completes.

Soul's tendency is to wander
Such a bright, sparkling world attracts
Wires cross this way and that
We wonder where the wonder went
Hidden under hurried days
Tucked behind worried thoughts
Waiting for a heart to be stilled
Pause, breath deep, and enjoy.

Maybe I cheated on this one. I wrote it a while ago and kept coming back to it but it didn't feel ready. Today not being 100% "ready" is okay with me.

I'm often reminded of this re-prioritizing, as are many moms- really any of us that live busy lives. Re-discovering the wonder and peace in life is what this project is all about so I thought it deserved for me to finally hit the "publish" button.

Through each post and re-discovery I'm struck by how simple it is. Simple, but not easy.

For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 4, 2014

A Moment On a Saturday.

Whispering wonder in all her wishful ways.
Dashes of dreaming to dissipate darkness. 
Fearsome feelings forever forward focused.

And I sit here waiting for the timer to buzz.


For those wondering, for the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 3, 2014

Transplanting Grace

My husband gave me two low-maintenance house plants for Valentine's Day and in the last 10 months I've slowly added to my collection. I am by no means a gardener and the emphasis is on low maintenance. But I love them. I love the vibrance they bring to the room and I've been surprised to find caring for them is a calm nurturing outlet. I'm also surprised they're all still alive. I recently transplanted one to a bigger pot and I think I did something wrong. It's not dead, but the branches and leaves fall off if I lightly touch them. It got me thinking about where I've been at lately- not dead, not fruitless, just weak and fragile.

My body is expanding both physically and emotionally as I grow this little life, and there are some new "pots" I'm being planted into. It's left me feeling weak, tired, and generally coming-up-short. Of course there is a natural fragility and weariness that comes with the unstable hormone levels, but I believe God uses the circumstances of our lives to speak to us and to grow us.

It's too easy to see the branches falling off and think we're missing something, doing something wrong, but today I feel at peace with leaving things behind. I want to embrace the transplanting of life. There are overwhelming unknowns and challenges we face, and even greater ones coming. But I am known by God. My heart, my weaknesses, fears and needs, my dreams and the cloudiness I often feel surrounds them. They might not be met or fulfilled, but they are known, and today that's enough.

So they will be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.


For those wondering, for the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 2, 2014

Angsty Anxiousness

Anxiousness always gets the better of me. In part, the responsibility lies with the fact that a little life is growing inside me. There's a natural anticipation and excitement that comes with pregnancy. Something's coming and it will change everything, but there is only so much one can do to prepare for the change. And so anxiousness. It wakes me in the night, with the urge to get up and get somewhere. It challenges me in the day, to remain present and loving. The regular self-centered Carrie wants to yell, "doesn't the world know I have so much to do and to figure out!". And sometimes I literally do yell, but most of the time it's more coy. Death glares, short attention spans, rushing around picking up the random bits of life that have scattered everywhere.

But then pausing. Not just sitting still, even then my breathing feels quick and my mind runs off a to-do list. Deep. Breathing. Focusing. Thinking on love, on goodness. All that valuable advice that the Lord has given over and over to my striving soul.

Be anxious for nothing.
A heart at peace gives life to the body.
Be still and know that He is God.
The mind governed by the flesh is death, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace.

What nice words written by human hands.

Yet today I challenge myself to not just know those words, but to let them be known- in my heart and in the outworkings of my life. It's a hard, grueling battle that we wage against our minds- convincing a stubborn soul to believe that which is the opposite of our nature.

But I do have all this anxious energy, and this wonderful world around me to enjoy.

For those wondering, for the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

October 1, 2014

31 Days of Writing - 31 Days of Knowing

There’s a deep divide in my soul between wanting to know, and aching to be known. I don’t need a ten-year life plan, or a certainty that my curly hair will come back and my body will survive unscathed from childbirth & babies. My mind feels scrambled-overwhelmed, wondering if I’m doing this parenting thing right, and how to balance spontaneity, budgets, discipline, and loving. Contentment is a hard place to find, that’s a no-brainer. But I know where it comes from- in being known. At the base or top of mountains, it doesn't matter which, if we are known, we are at peace. Five hundred friends, followers, or fans isn't the goal. If there is one who can see (and still love) our soul, everything else quiets and we can be.

It's an exhausting tension we live in, urged to know and master life, but in it all to honor simplicity and being. I've realized how much it affects my daily life- thought processes, priorities, communication. To be worn thin by it is normal, but not necessary. There's a crazy belief I carry that embracing the two together can push us further than if we only lived with one- Knowing & Being Known.


Writing has been difficult lately, not because of business or boredom. It's a lack of discipline and value. Accepting that it's okay to say the same thing twice, not always have the perfect perspective, most of all to not know who I am as a writer. So this will be a month of exploring. Some days will be short blurbs, and others cluttered and clumsy. But my hope is that in the wandering I'll find peace with being known, even in the midst of the unknown.


For the month of October I am participating in the 31 Days Writing Challenge put on by the lovely Myquillyn Smith of The Nesting Place. Read about it and find other bloggers here.

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June 25, 2014


Follow me, to the place where feet tread round and round, up and down, with steps so light the path looks unmet. Emotional frailty as life meets life with forceful expansion. Though seeming slow, it tires so quickly, and heavy eyelids, heavy head are a small shadow of the heavy body soon to come.

Today we only know the exhaustion, qualm, and transitioning of thoughts from me to we. Tomorrow we will know growing pains and boxing matches. And before we know it we will know inexplicable pain followed by indescribable joy.

What a journey we get to take. To have our love re-create over and over and over again. To see in another's eyes the answers to all our questions of existence, and watch them grow into their own questions that will be met only in another's life.

It's a peaceful turmoil of inward growth. It's our greatest trial and greatest joy.

May 12, 2014

Breaking In

It can be such a painful and terrifying thing to look deep inside ourselves, past the years of attempted "getting over". If there's one thing I'm learning in this season, it's vulnerability. My lifelong lesson is trust, and right now I get to trust that vulnerability won't leave me wounded, but renewed.

Uncorking my emotions has never been my strong suit- it's the outfit stuffed in the very back of my closet. Someone gave it to me once and said I should wear it, but I thought it would look terrible on me so it was never been broken-in. When Max and I first got married this proved to be a (big!) issue. As problems arose he'd be ready talk it out, but I'd go hide in our bed with the blankets over my head- I'm not even joking. I am so embarrassed by this now and think Max is a saint for still prying and prodding me open. Growing up this was the habit I had formed and as a married 23 year-old I was still retreating to darkness with my feelings.

Sharing joy and excitement comes so naturally to me, but this was like pulling my own teeth. I was sure eventually the pain would numb, and I had plenty of other good teeth to use. But laying in my bed I realized that I was running out of teeth and marriage was tough, not for gumming and getting by. 

I wish I could say that now it's easy for me to come right out and talk about things, move on, and be strong. It's going in phases- I'm not good at it, I'm better. I can communicate directly with Max the things I want and need help with. If you didn't already know, hints and indirect communication don't work very well, especially in marriages.

But there are always new things being brought to the surface. Rocks, big and small, as my heart is tilled in the day-to-day workings of life. It can be painful, yet such a deep feeling of relief when we find what was causing our roots to not go deep, and to have it pulled out. The words seem so nice and simple for this process, but it's more like the long tiring hours of labor, pushing and pushing, until finally comes the baby. I've never known relief and joy like that. It was also really gross. And the baby was a blessing, not a growth-stunting rock. Definitely not growth stunting...

Here's the summary of all these thoughts- vulnerability is a journey, and as I said before the company along the way makes all the difference. Thank you for coming along, I hope you will be encouraged as well. Or at least enjoy these adorable pictures. 

May 9, 2014


Mothering-love is a wonder-working power that transforms little rascals into heroes and divas into princesses. Attitudes are everything as we mold not only these rocket-speed-growing lives, but as we make daily (and every minute of the day) decisions on our reactions. I'm terrible at this. I already see in my daughter the immediate freak-out when things fall over or aren't done the way we wanted. But mirrors of failures can be something so much greater than self-disappointments. I'm learning to look them squarely in the eye and say "we can overcome this mountain, we can practice patience even if it's only for a second longer than last time". How tired are the feet of those who practice patience, but how beautiful are those that bring good news and walk in grace!


The ability to appreciate and celebrate the people around us is a gift. Some people are amazing at this (some people also really overwhelm me with this). I'm working on finding the middle ground, looking for little ways to show others they are valuable and important.

Here are a few thoughts on how to celebrate a mom:
This book is changing my life. I've never been so encouraged by book, and left without a trace of guilt or condemnation for not being 100% awesome.

And this- just lovely. I've only previewed it, but I think I was holding my breath the whole time.

I don't know if there's any young mom that wouldn't hyperventilate with excitement at the offer to take one of those books, $10, and go enjoy it with coffee and a pastry for an hour and half.

For bonus points- another $50 to peruse Target and purchase something impractical is many-a-mom's dream.

I'm just baffled that men are confused and perplexed by my gender. All my problems are solved by food, sleep, me-time, a new nail polish, or a little succulent for my collection.

Life is too short to not celebrate the people around us.
That's all I have to say.


Also, read this and/or this.

May 8, 2014


This journey's infinite road leads beyond the me-today, and into lands of the me-to-be. When we go where we haven't been, climbing ever higher, increasing elevation of the new presses down heavy. Attempting adaptation, believing we are stronger than the forces commanding retreat. Body and soul plead its case- escape to the safety of this mountain's base, let our lungs inhale deeply, no more relying on strength we don't possess.

But acclimating is no fable. Increased breathing in and breathing out, until self-sustenance is a distant memory, and we lean on the thick sturdy knowledge that beyond ourselves is everything we want.

Courage isn't there when we call, it calls to us when we are comfortable and content. We can travel across plains and feel the warmth of the sun, or trek upwards feeling the warmth of muscles strained. One takes us far- seeing only on the level of today, but the other takes us deep- deeper into the skies, nearer towards the heavens.

I am worn, but not weary. Hungry, but not hopeless. Assured that my efforts are producing the grit that leads to greatness.

May 5, 2014

When It Clears

Marriage hasn't been all the bird chirping and endless bouquets of roses I imagined, but it has been forcing conversations about feelings I want to so stubbornly lock up; overwhelming days turned around by a coffee date and help with dinner; movies watched; home videos taken; and laughing at even my worst jokes. It's true what they say, the journey doesn't matter so much as your companion along the way. Thunder storms and pouring rain are great reminders that things can change in an instant and we don't always know what kind of sky we'll get to behold once it all clears.

Even with its infamous challenges and trials, I'll take it any day over solo travels around the world and shopping sprees. Marriage (tried & true relationships) turn dreams into dreaming, and life into living.

April 20, 2014

Spring Clean

Winter whispered to go and hide, to be covered in blankets and let dreaming die. Now I require a spring cleaning of the heart- To be purged of excess cares, brush away dust that's accumulated on faith, and let my skin feel the warmth of friendship. Spring is here to call me out, go find the sun, and stretch my legs. Air crisp and cool has quickly cut to the core of all my vain efforts, exposing the dead branches of worry. Today I can trim back the hedge, my failed attempt at coverering the unkempt grounds of my heart. Today I can boast that dead things can become alive, and not by positive attitudes or perfectly laid out plans. Today I can surrender to love that is not earned and grace that I did not buy. Today I can be found as I am, and be glad.

April 16, 2014

Eighteen Months a Mother

I've been reminiscing all that motherhood has brought me this last year and a half. As just us two, I never considered the jacket, snack, cup, and tissue I might possibly need for a neighborhood stroll. I never knew that I wouldn't leave the house without coming back in at least once for some forgotten item. Or that clothes would grow too tight, then too big, then small again. Words and all types of fluids would burst out of me with no respect for innocent bystanders. Hair would straighten, fall out, and new whisps stick straight up. The sleepless nights were well communicated beforehand, now I've gotten to the bonus round. I'm able to detail a long list with all the ways I fall short and things that quickly evaporate my patience. I've never felt like such a failure, and yet I've never known such all-encompassing joy.

I'm amazed at the rhythm my body gracefully falls into, rocking-soothing until peace again overtakes us both. Her arms draped across my shoulders, staring up with tired eyes that soften my heart more than 10 dozen roses or the biggest diamond ring ever could. Pursed lips, leaning in to kiss, and one last squeeze from those delicate arms- No need to search any further for such deep contentment. Rolling on the floor, wrestling, and tickling have become the very best after dinner activity. Even with all the kicking-screaming fits and complete exhaustion, I've never been so sure that I was made for something. I am made to mother. 

My discovery has also been that motherhood has little to do with knowing the best home-remedies or tried-and-true methods, but has everything to do with hearts and souls connecting to nurture the gift that is our child. I'm not very good at reading (and completing) self-help books, but raising our child and our children to be, is the best self-help I can ever do. 

I will never be so weary and needing of a Savior, never more moved beyond myself, and never so abundatanly rewarded.


February 20, 2014

Change, Stretching, & The Like

The more of life I live, the more convinced I become that I am not meant to, nor do I truly enjoy, living a life that is comfortable. I love busyness, stretching, and taking steps when I can't see the firm concrete in front of me, yet I would never consider myself a thrill-seeker. I love schedules, routines, and having productive systems. I'm one of those crazies who after a vacation looks forward to going back to the day-to-day life. I'm also really terrible at exercising and pushing myself physically. If I can't play a sport, I don't mind, I just don't do it and entertain myself with making jokes and laughing on the sidelines. I am totally okay with my lack of athletic ability, I really don't care enough to try. (However I do very much admire those with athletic skill and drive).

When life falls into a steady rhythm and the weeks go by without a burning need to write or leave the country I ask myself where I'm slacking and where I should be pushing myself. I 100% believe in enjoying life and taking vacations, but there is also a part of me, that is becoming bigger all the time, that loves setting goals and achieving them.

My current obsession has been home improvements. We repainted our living room in January and I was so amazed at the effect it had on my mood while at the house, it kickstarted me into other projects. I won't tire you with my incredible list (because it's really boring), but I have loved getting things cleaned and rewarding myself with a new picture frame here, a plant there, and hallelujah we are getting a new furnace!

While those are all fairly insignificant and non life-impacting changes, I'm working on a few more that have yet to surface, and others that never will. Sometimes it's just a shift in mindset, perspective, or priorities. Lord knows there are so many undercover areas of my life that need to be extended out beyond my comfort zone. I'm so thankful for the grace that fills-in where I fall short, until I am stretched to that place, and then I get to stretch myself further on to the next thing. The Lord also knows that I need help (usually in the form of a tasty treat and some QT with my husband) in order to feel ready to push out from this dock and venture into new seas. The temperament of those waters may be tempestuous or calm, but the feeling of adventure never fails to be thrilling, and the end-result of conquering new territories is so satisfying.

So with my tiny little blog-nook settled somewhere in the vast world-wide-web I would like to declare that stretching and challenge are good. There is a small voice taunting that I have set myself up for something catastrophic, but there is also a loud shout that CHANGE IS GOOD!

January 25, 2014

Sweet Saving Grace

Today I am thankful for saving grace. And that saving grace can look different all through the day, every day. In the morning it's my mug of coffee, and at night it's my wonderful temperpedic bed with lots of blankets. But throughout the day it's encouraging words, cheesy toddler smiles, and enveloping husband hugs. Saving grace takes me from my loneliness, frustration, and despair, and lifts me to see the vast goodness of The Lord and this beautiful life that I have.

It's so easy to feel the strain of being pulled from circumstance to circumstance, need to need. But it is also so easy lighten our loads; to let all those worries worry themselves and enjoy whatever little detail shines its bright little self our way. That was a resolution I made, to find something little every day to make that day special. I forget most days, but I'm trying to make it a habit that I don't live day to day, annoyed that big goals are being met and I'm not saving enough money. But I can meet little goals, get a cup of coffee to sip while I do my grocery shopping, or I style my hair a new way. Something to set the experience of today apart from the experience of a hundred others. Note: the special things are 100% about what blesses you and not what sounds nice that other people do. For me coffee is always a blessing, FYI.

Maybe my mind calculates everything around me to be saving grace, and I'm too much of an optimist. Or maybe I just see myself in constant need of being saved, and am therefore a pessimist. Who really cares what I am?

I'm learning all the important hugs about not stressing the small (or big) stuff, enjoying, and being true to who I have been created to be. That is absolutely satisfactory for me.

January 19, 2014

Shaped Into Being

By default or design I am living each day.
Millions of things touched and seen,
Tools in my hands to use as I please.
Sharpening or shredding, into who I will be.

A million pieces of dreams, hopes, and wants
Collected from the millions of places I have been.
From a grand cathedral; crowded hall; crisp ocean breeze
Simple treasures that are shaping my being.

Like an arrow I desire to be cast,
Pointed straight ahead, with power and grace.
So the exhale of my life would bring to this world
The warmth of true Light, Love, and Peace.


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him nothing came into being that has come into being. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.