December 22, 2015

Never Ending Kingdom

Centuries of wandering and wars; through miracles, prophecies, and justice- God was speaking Himself. And then in holy obscurity unto us was birthed, to all of creation, the entirety of God.

Comfort and joy came, showing the way to live life full. Yet we turn our souls to the earth, straining to find light in contrite happenings. And why do we hasten to label all this goodness as hate? When God reached down to bring heaven and earth together, we saw rules and separation.

But grace is not defined by our finite minds.

I can't get away from this revelation that everything God is, everything He was aching to express to us, He gave in His Son Jesus; born in a humble barn among the lowliest of creatures. We get to know and love and live the truth of who God is. What a blessed gift we have received.

Hallelujah that the God of all creation pursues even the furthest soul- obstinate and sure they have no need.

And even if you don't want to accept that Savior, it is His light that will overcome all darkness. For His kingdom has no end.