July 28, 2013

To Put To Words

Stretched, squeezed,
Pushed, pulled, and wrung out.
Every emotion drawn from being.

Joy, sorrow,
Pain, and delight.
Gratitude to feel and receive so much.

Without words to sum the whole,
The mind's million wanderings.
Grappling to keep two feet stationary.

Just before it all gives way, an escape.
Out the side door,
Into blue sky, warm breeze.

Find strength in not knowing,
Keep humble the soul,
Steadfast the heart.

Let tomorrows battle keep far from today,
Laughter carry weary legs.
Grace, teach the anxious peace.


Little Miss Hanley Rose
Now nine months old, I am in awe. Constantly amazed that my heart can hold so much love, that a baby could be so cute, and that my patience could run out the door so quickly.

She is crawling around and under, hitting her head on coffee tables and chair legs. She's realized how many things there are to discover, and is exhibiting a great interest in shoes. Right now her love is manifested mostly in chewing them, which absolutely disgusts me.

It's impossible to pick my favorite thing she does right now, but it's easy to cancel out the screaming for food. She has a raging metabolism and is a snack maniac. But her focused mimicking of Ma-ma and Da-da makes my heart melt to a puddle.

There have been only a few occurrences of belly laughter, but there is no shortage of smiles.

She loves playtime in the water, whether it's the sink, pool, or lake. Splashing is exhilarating, and an adorable bathing suit is the frosting on top!

We've come 3/4 of a year, just three more months and she will be a whole year old. Every part of myself has been demanded of, but it's been incredible to bring a life into the world and watch it become its own. I am in wonder every day.